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Hello, and welcome to The Sleeping Beauty Blogger! 💗

I decided to finally take the plunge and make a blog after many deliberations with myself, to share my love of beauty and all things within it! So, here I am after several failed blog attempts (I never had the motivation to make posts/proceed with them), trying to eventually create a blog that I’m proud to call my own.

A Bit of a Backstory

I have loved makeup from a very young age, as I grew up with one of my older sisters being a dancer, constantly taking part in shows and coating her face in sparkly cosmetics for her performance. I’ll never forget the purple, glitter infused makeup train she would get out before every dancing occasion, and me staring at it in awe, then proceeding to play with the roller ball shimmer eye shadows and sparkly lip glosses. I loved it all.

As my older sisters went to high school, I saw them begin to apply makeup daily and I constantly looked up to them and wondered what it would be like, thinking to myself how ‘grown up’ they were.

Finally, after many years it was my turn to start ‘big school’ and within months of me going, I had bought my very first makeup bits! I remember it very clearly, a hot pink No. 7 blush along with the No.7 blush brush. I adored it. (I still have it years later, and use it as eyeshadow!) Of course, I wasn’t allowed anything other than No.7 at this point as my mum quite obviously wanted to use up her never-ending supply of the vouchers you receive after every trip to boots.

Following this, I soon became makeup OBSESSED. As a 12 year old girl my christmas list consisted of Benefit, MAC, Too Faced and more, whilst my older sisters had never even heard of some of the brands. I knew the obsession was real when I made my first ever Sephora order, it was HUGE, and I paid ridiculous shipping because I couldn’t miss out on the Sephora exclusives and beauty guru collabs.

So, where does it leave me today?

I don’t regret any of it, although I don’t want to think of how much money of mine has actually gone on makeup!! I’m still cursed to this day with not being able to accept that something is exclusive to the U.S, and so I’m forever paying for shipping at extortionate prices! But thanks to this, makeup has inspired me (as well as many other youtubers/bloggers) to create my very own place dedicated to the world of cosmetics. Sure, I know I won’t be popular, but I’m content with having a place online that consists of my own makeup discoveries.

What will my blog feature?

I’ll be sharing with you a variety of posts, ranging from my little hauls, to reviews, favourites, product launches, lifestyle, (some) health and more! I will do the odd off-topic post, as life isn’t set in stone, and I believe that there’s always going to be an opportunity where some things need to be addressed.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and I’ll always appreciate any feedback or suggestions, so please, PLEASE, do not hesitate to leave me a comment!

Love, Georgia

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